I recently partnered with Limpede Ink, LLC, which facilitates booking and inquiries for editorial consultations, one-on-one mentorship, school visits/readings, craft talks, panels, and any other events you might want to have me take part in. You can find out more about Limpede Ink and request a quote by visiting their website, or please feel free to reach out to me directly using the link below.

The following list includes some of my most popular freelance services:

  • One-On-One Writing Mentorship Program, Poetry—detailed feedback on 8-10 pages of new or revised poems per month, plus a monthly 1-hour follow-up phone call (hours and feedback amount can also be customized).
  • Full Poetry Manuscript, Basic Developmental Consultation—one page of notes outlining strongest and weakest poems, overall impressions and edit suggestions, and suggestions for ordering the poems.
  • Full Poetry Manuscript, Detailed Line Edits—notes and in-depth edit suggestions for each poem in the manuscript, plus everything that’s included in the basic developmental consultation.
  • Individual Piece Feedback, Essay or Poem(s)—substantive notes and line-edit suggestions on one creative nonfiction essay, one poem, or a packet of several poems.
  • College Applications—typically includes a 1-hour brainstorming and outlining meeting to discuss the essay prompt(s) via Zoom, detailed written feedback on essay draft(s), and a second 1-hour follow-up meeting to discuss revisions/revision strategies.
  • MFA Applications—detailed written feedback on both the personal statement and full creative sample, plus a 1-hour follow-up phone call or Zoom meeting.
  • General Copyediting—basic grammatical touch-ups, rephrasing, and streamlining for any kind of written materials (including website text, press releases, ad copy, etc.).

I will gladly provide pricing info and/or testimonials from current and former clients upon request!

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