Title Publisher Date
Tattoo The Paris Review Daily 2021
The Breakup (Five Sections) Gigantic Sequins 2021
Blue The Massachusetts Review 2021
Goat BOAAT Journal 2021
Rat Dear Poetry Journal 2021
Mare Bear Review 2021
Bat Pleiades 2021
Ghost The Pinch 2020
Wight Hobart 2020
Lace Sixth Finch 2020
Two Minimal Poems The Freshwater Review 2020
Pink The Southeast Review 2020
Constellation Waxwing 2020
Gum The Cortland Review 2020
Bathtub Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review 2020
America American Literary Review 2020
Rhinoceros Hobart 2020
Bee Hobart 2020
Toothbrush Plath Poetry Project 2020
Five Minimal Poems mutiny! 2019
Solstice The Writers Garret’s Turn A Phrase 2019
Your Sister’s Wedding The Writers Garret’s Turn A Phrase 2019
Ship Redivider 2019
Oyster Redivider 2019
Bone Redivider 2019
Bleach Glass: A Journal of Poetry 2019
Steam Thrush Poetry Journal 2019
Five Minimal Poems The Hopkins Review 2019
Dolphin Juked Magazine 2019
Robin Fiolet & Wing (Fabulism Anthology) 2019
On the Anniversary of the Death of JFK LIT Magazine 2019
New Year Birmingham Poetry Review 2019
Cat Crab Creek Review 2018
Bush Stirring 2018
Orangutan Animal: A Beast of a Lit Mag 2018
Egg Anomaly Literary Journal 2018
Snow Globe The Boiler Journal 2018
Fever Underblong 2018
Donut Underblong 2018
Rabbit Test Whiskey Island 2018
Fishbowl Whiskey Island 2018
Toilet Guesthouse 2018
Birthday Cake Guesthouse 2018
Dark Matter Carve Magazine 2017
Trouble Sleeping phoebe 2017
Nightmare phoebe 2017
David 1932 Quarterly 2017
Toucan Cleaver Magazine 2017
Grief White Stag 2017
Recovery White Stag 2017
Oxycodone Sugar House Review 2016
The Taste of Blood Sugar House Review 2016
Blood Pressure Sugar House Review 2016
Death of a Pigeon New Plains Review 2016
Your Death Felt Like Sonora Review 2016
Discarded Sheepshead Review 2016
Baby 32 Poems 2015
At the Country & Western Dance Hall The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review 2015
Sturgeon Moon The Rattling Wall 5 2015
Strawberry Moon The Rattling Wall 5 2015
Pink Moon The Rattling Wall 5 2015

Creative Nonfiction Essays

Title Publisher Date
When Believing Is Seeing White Stag 2017
Sleeping with the Lights On The Nervous Breakdown 2014
Happy Birthday The Rumpus 2013
Split-Feather The Nervous Breakdown 2013
Love in Frequencies The Nervous Breakdown 2013
Gravity The Nervous Breakdown 2013
Our Waking Life The Nervous Breakdown 2013


Title Publisher Date
Dorothea Lasky’s Animal; a Review by Mag Gabbert Charge Magazine 2020
If I Had to Name This Review I Would Call It, 'Thunder': On Sarah Galvin's Ugly Time. Gabby Journal 2018
The Rumpus Poetry Review: A Hole in the Light by Lucas Jacob. The Rumpus 2016
The Sunday Rumpus Review: Interrobang by Jessica Piazza. The Rumpus 2013


Title Producer Date
The Chapbook Featuring Mag Gabbert Bull City Press 2021
10 Questions for Mag Gabbert The Massachusetts Review 2021
Point of Departure Interview with Mag Gabbert Wavelength Magazine 2019
TCR Talks with Mag Gabbert The Coachella Review 2018
The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas: Mag Gabbert VoyageDallas 2018
Q&A with Poetry Contributor Mag Gabbert Carve Magazine 2018