Selected Poems

Title Publisher Date
Is Love Holographic American Poetry Review 2022
Nude #2 Missouri Review 2022
Goat The Journal 2022
Lake The Journal 2022
Tattoo The Paris Review Daily 2021
Mare Bear Review 2021
Constellation Waxwing 2020
Pink The Southeast Review 2020
Wight Hobart 2020
America American Literary Review 2020

Selected Essays

Title Publisher Date
Happy Birthday The Rumpus 2013
Love in Frequencies The Nervous Breakdown 2013
Gravity The Nervous Breakdown 2013
Our Waking Life The Nervous Breakdown 2013

Selected Book Reviews

Title Publisher Date
Dorothea Lasky’s Animal; a Review by Mag Gabbert Charge Magazine 2020
The Rumpus Poetry Review: A Hole in the Light by Lucas Jacob The Rumpus 2016
The Sunday Rumpus Review: Interrobang by Jessica Piazza The Rumpus 2013

Selected Interviews

Title Producer Date
The Chapbook Featuring Mag Gabbert Bull City Press 2021
10 Questions for Mag Gabbert The Massachusetts Review 2021
TCR Talks with Mag Gabbert The Coachella Review 2018
Q&A with Poetry Contributor Mag Gabbert Carve Magazine 2018